The Benefits of Moving in the Off-Peak Season

If you’re planning a move, you may be wondering when the best time to do it is. The answer, in short, is the off-peak season—the months of September to March. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, which we’ll explore in more detail below. So, if you’re planning a move, read on to learn more about why the off-peak season is the best time to do it!

Cheaper Moving Costs

The cost of moving services such as hired trucks and professional movers, or renting a storage unit is often lower during the off-peak season. This is because demand for these services is lower during this time, so companies are more likely to offer discounts in order to attract customers. The price of plane tickets may also be lower if you’re moving long distance. Additionally, if you’re planning on DIY-ing your move, you’ll find that gas prices are often lower during the fall and winter months.

In addition, many apartments and houses offer discounts for leases that start in the off-peak season.

Flexibility with Schedule

If you have kids, you’ll probably want to schedule your move around their school year so as to disrupt their education as little as possible. Luckily, moving in the off-peak season allows you to do just that. Additionally, many people take vacation time over the summer, so if you’re planning on hiring professional movers, you may have difficulty booking them during this time. However, if you move in the fall or winter, you’ll find that there’s much more availability when it comes to booking movers and other services.

There’s Less Competition for Housing

During the summer months, everyone is looking for a new place to live—which means that competition for housing is higher and prices are often inflated. However, if you wait until the off-peak season to start your search for a new home, you’ll find that there are more options available and that prices are often lower.

This is especially true if you’re moving to a popular city where the demand for housing is high. Renting an apartment or house in the off-peak season may give you more bargaining power with your landlord since they’ll be happy to have someone move in during a slow period.

Fewer People Are Moving

The peak moving season is generally from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is because most people have the summer off from school and work, so they have more time to make a big move. However, this also means that there are more people moving during this time, which can make it harder (and more expensive) to find a moving company, an apartment, or a house.

If you’re moving to a popular vacation destination, then chances are it will be less crowded during the off-peak season. This is important if you’re planning on visiting tourist attractions or exploring your new town or city after you move in. Having fewer crowds will make it more enjoyable and less stressful.

You Won’t Have to Deal With Extreme Weather Conditions

If you’re doing a self-move (i.e., not hiring professional movers), then extreme weather conditions can make your move more difficult. Hot weather can make it hard to pack up your belongings and load them into a truck, while cold weather can make it tough to drive long distances. Moving in the spring or fall avoids these problems since the weather is typically milder during these times of the year.

You’ll Have More Time to Settle In

Moving is always going to be somewhat chaotic and hectic, no matter when you do it. But if you move during the peak season, then you may feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up since there’s so much going on all at once. If you want to take your time settling into your new place without feeling rushed, then consider moving during the off-peak season instead.


As you can see, there are a number of reasons why moving in the off-peak season is beneficial. So next time you’re planning a move, keep these things in mind and consider scheduling your relocation for September through March.

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If you’re able to take advantage of these benefits, then making the decision to move during this time can save you money and stress—two things that are definitely priceless when it comes to making a big move! Let’s chat, we’ll be happy to help.