Why Virtual Surveys Are A Better Alternative To In-Person Moving Home Audits

Truly, the times in which we find ourselves are unprecedented. COVID-19 has altered our daily routines, professional practices, and outlook on the future. We can only hope that the day is not too far off when things finally get back to normal for everyone. Many people are still working, although from home, still making plans to relocate, and still taking virtual tours of potential new residences despite the profound impact of the current pandemic.

We know that when life returns to normalcy, we must be prepared to move forward with our career and personal goals. As a result, it may be necessary for corporate relocation specialists to come up with creative solutions to ensure that as many employee moves as possible continue uninterrupted.

How Do Virtual Surveys Work?

Because events like lease renewals and house sale closings are typically non-negotiable and must take place on the planned date, moving is deemed an “important service,” and most moving businesses continue to execute moves. In this day of increased social distancing and digital convenience, the virtual survey has proven to be an invaluable tool for both business and personal relocations.

The in-person nature of these surveys has traditionally limited their usefulness, but modern technology has made it possible for movers to conduct virtual surveys and generate precise bids for household goods relocations.

Your relocating employee will need to fill out a disclaimer for the physical survey and return it to the moving agency before the virtual survey can begin. For corporate clients, we recommend that employees do the guided virtual survey rather than the unguided virtual survey. The moving company, in either case, will enroll the employee in the system. They will then be given a download link for the app. Employees who are moving away from their current location will have secure access to the app thanks to a special link that integrates their own survey code.

With the guided feature, your relocating worker may have a virtual tour of their new home with a moving business rep right from their computer, mobile device, or tablet. With the help of the moving company representative, the worker is able to take the essential measurements for the company. As with an in-person survey, once the virtual survey is complete, the representative will compile an inventory based on the results. Afterward, they can collaborate on a rough estimate of the price of transporting their household belongings.

The Benefits Of Virtual Surveys 

  • Efficiency: The time required for a virtual relocation survey is comparable to that of an in-person survey; however, there should be no need for a follow-up visit, even if your plans alter after the initial survey is completed. 
  • Convenience: The word “virtual” is the key phrase in “virtual moving surveys.” Expert movers can send an inspector to your home without sending anybody else. Just get ready for your video chat at the appointed hour, and don’t worry about getting dressed up or cleaning up. This is the definition of a time saver!
  • Easy to use: A virtual moving survey eliminates the need to master any complicated new software or hardware. It should also be available to everyone who can download and utilize an app on their mobile device. To get started, all you have to do is download an app from the app store, open the survey link on the day of your appointment, and answer a few questions from the moving estimator (as well as show them around as requested). Easy!

Tips On How To Use Virtual Surveys Effectively

Since conducting a virtual survey is probably new territory for your staff, here are some pointers to help them out:

  • If you want to watch videos in excellent quality on this app, you’ll need to use it with a connection speed of at least 300 KBps (either Wifi or data).
  • Make sure you have a tape measure available in case the moving company needs specific measurements for any of your belongings. In most cases, you’ll be required to measure just a handful of things. Glass larger than 30 inches (free-standing mirrors) and all varieties of marble must be measured individually.
  • Please take your time when recording or filling out the survey. If you want a precise estimate and list of what needs to be relocated, you should reveal everything in every drawer and closet.
  • Rooms should be well-lit so that the moving company can view all of your belongings easily.
  • Keep in mind that the app’s interface is intuitive, simple, and straightforward. Your moving service is there to help if any problems arise. Users familiar with alternative video conferencing software or accustomed to chatting with friends via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime should have no trouble adapting to the app.

As a nation, we are dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on our professional life and future planning in many ways, including using various technologies to help us carry on as much business as usual. We want to ensure that our business clients and their relocated workers have the necessary resources to continue functioning normally once the dust settles.

Some people may be putting their moves on hold, but movers are still needed because of how essential their services are. Those who have staff relocations scheduled in the months ahead may find it helpful to provide their relocating employees with virtual surveys to keep the process rolling so that everything is ready for them on moving day.

Contact us as soon as possible if you have any queries regarding developing a corporate relocation program and policy to facilitate the movement of your employees in the future.