NexMuv retains data we collect

We collect information to provide better services to all our users — from figuring out basic stuff like the frequency of a geographical location, the time it takes to complete a service request. The information NexMuv collects, and how that information is used, depends on how you use our services and how you manage your privacy controls. NexMuv’s Data Retention Policy

How we collect credit card Information

NexMuv Payments and Credit Card Policy

NexMuv uses credit card and debit card numbers you provide to facilitate payments for the online or offline purchases made using our NexMuv Invoicing. The NexMuv Payment Privacy Details provides detailed information about how we use payment and account information collected including the information we collect and how we share it. We only share information with third parties in the circumstances described in the NexMuv Payments Privacy Notice. The credit card and debit card numbers you provide to NexMuv do not store credit card information in the NexMuv cloud data systems. They can be stored with our PCI-compliant partners and encrypted within their secure cloud locations. We accept all major credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, and JCB.

NexMuv Payments Privacy Details

Last modified November 10, 2019

The NexMuv Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when using NexMuv’s products and services. Your use of NexMuv is governed by the NexMuv Terms of Service, which describes in more detail the Services covered by this Privacy Notice. The NexMuv Payments Privacy Details apply to Services offered by NexMuv LLC’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. Please consult the NexMuv Terms of Service made available to you within the Service to learn the subsidiary offering the Service.

Information we collect

In addition to the information listed in the NexMuv Privacy Policy we may also collect the following:

  • Registration information – When you sign up for NexMuv Payments, you may also ‘link’ or ‘unlink’ your account to our Sage® Account that is associated with your NexMuv Account. Depending on the NexMuv services you use, in addition to the information listed in the NexMuv Privacy Policy, you may be asked to provide the following information: Credit or debit card number and card expiration date, bank account number and expiration date, address, phone number, date of birth, social security number or taxpayer identification number (or some other government-issued identification number), and for sellers or businesses specifically, your business category and certain information about your sales or transaction volume. In some cases, we may also ask you to send us additional information or to answer additional questions to help verify your information.
  • Information obtained from third parties – We may obtain information about you from third parties, including third-party verification services. This includes information arising from payments transactions at merchant locations, information regarding your use of payment methods and your accounts issued by third parties, the identity of your card issuer or financial institution, information regarding access to balances, and consumer reports, as the term “consumer reports” is defined by the US Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Transaction information – When using Nexmuv Payments to conduct a transaction, we may collect information about the transaction, including: Date, time and amount of the transaction, the merchant’s location and description, a description provided by the seller of the goods or services purchased, any photo you choose to associate with the transaction, the names and email addresses of the seller and buyer (or sender and recipient), the type of payment method used, your description of the reason for the transaction, and the offer associated with the transaction, if any.

How we use the information we collect

In addition to the uses listed in the NexMuv Privacy Policy, we use the information you provide to us and to other of our subsidiaries, as well as information about you from third parties, in order to provide you with NexMuv payment services for customer service purposes, and to protect you from fraud, phishing or other misconduct. Such information may also be used to assist third parties in the provision of products or services that you request from them. We also use the information to review your account to determine whether you continue to meet the terms of services on the account, to make decisions about future NexMuv services, transactions, and legitimate business needs related to the NexMuv payments transactions initiated by you or in the action of using a subscribed service.

Your registration information is stored in association with your NexMuv Account and your registration of a payment method will be stored on NexMuv servers. In addition, certain data elements may also be stored on your mobile device. We may retain the information you provide for extended periods of time for the purpose of complying with legal process and regulatory obligations.

Information we share

We will only share your personal information with other companies or individuals outside of NexMuv in the following circumstances:

  • As permitted under the NexMuv Privacy Policy.
  • As necessary to process your transaction and maintain your account.
  • To complete your registration for a service.

The information that we collect, including information obtained from third parties, is shared with our affiliates, meaning other companies owned and controlled by NexMuv LLC. Our affiliates, which can be financial and nonfinancial entities, will use such information for their everyday business purposes.

We provide you with the right to opt-out of certain sharing between NexMuv and its affiliates. Specifically, you may choose to opt-out of:

  • Sharing between NexMuv and its affiliates of information about creditworthiness

If you choose to opt-out, your choice will be effective until you tell us to change your choice.

If you don’t want us to share personal information about your creditworthiness between NexMuv and its affiliates, or if you do not want our affiliates to use your personal information collected by us and shared with them to market to you, or if you do not want NexMuv LLC or its affiliates to inform a third party merchant, whose site or app you visit, whether you have a NexMuv Account that can be used for payment to that merchant, please contact your sales representative.

We will not share your personal information with anyone outside of NexMuv or with our affiliates except as described in this privacy notice.

Information security

For more information about our security practices, please see the main NexMuv Privacy Policy.

The security of your NexMuv Account depends on you keeping your account password(s), PINs, and other access information for the Service confidential. If you share your account information with a third party, he or she will have access to your account and your personal information.

It is your responsibility to control access to your mobile device and the NexMuv application on your device, including keeping your password(s) and/or PIN confidential and not sharing it with anyone. It is also your responsibility to alert NexMuv or the relevant partner if you believe that the security of the information in the NexMuv application has been compromised.