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Effortless moves with our all-in-one service

one point of contact, flat rate pricing, real time Move tracking, & flexible financing options.

Easy Move

Already packed and just need help moving? With our Easy Move package, one of our safety-trained, best-in-class movers will help transfer your items to their new home.

Easier Move

With our Easier Move package, we’ll take care of everything. We provide all packing materials, packing labor, soft disassembly, reassembly, and loading and unloading.

For as little as $200 per month, you can start moving with Nex Muv, and pay later. Use our instant price financing feature with no credit check to get you moving quickly.


Peace Of Mind, Every Step Of The Way


Independent Inventory Survey

Video-recorded inventory surveys allow you to rest easy knowing everything has been accounted for. No disputes or unpleasant surprises after the move.

Move Protection

Extra coverage for your belongings, no matter how they're transported, helps you relax and enjoy your move worry-free.

































































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Shipment Tracking

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you can track your items at all times during the move from any device.

Special Services

Are there items that need special care or unique customizations to your move? We have special services to fit your move.


Our Proven Track Record in the Moving Industry

Number of Moving Partners

Money Saved by Using NexMuv

Hours Saved by Using NexMuv



Know exactly how much your move is going to cost upfront. Our carefully developed pricing algorithms ensure a simple, locked-in price that leaves no room for surprises.


Service Provider

NexMuv has all the data necessary to pair you with the moving service provider that works best for your specific needs without any compromising on your part.

A Single

Point Of Contact

Our Concierge Customer Experience ensures that a highly trained professional answers all your questions. They know exactly what’s going on at any point in your move.

Choose Your Payment Plan


NexMuv offers a variety of payment options for customers, including the ability to pay in full, in installments, or through a no-credit-check financing option. This allows you to choose the payment plan that fits your budget and prevents you from taking on a huge financial burden during relocation.

Moving shouldn't be a burden. It should be an exciting experience. With NexMuv's payment options, you can make moving stress-free and affordable.


With the state of the moving industry now, brokers are typically only concerned with finding the lowest bid and packing as many moves into their schedule as possible. 

At NexMuv, we have eliminated this problem by creating an algorithm that calculates a fair price for any move. 

Our system also tracks the most experienced, reliable, and compliant moving service providers. Since customer experience is at the core of everything NexMuv has built, you can expect to receive the highest level of customer service

For example, if a service provider is late to a move, we have systems in place that ensure our customers are not left waiting. We also offer an exclusive customer satisfaction guarantee if any issue arises during the move.

Deposits are used to ensure customers are stuck and won’t book elsewhere. These lowball prices actually increase after a shipment has been loaded a staggering 99% of the time!! Not at NexMuv, where we offer flexible payment options, such as paying upfront or in installments.

Additionally, we have the option of no-credit-check financing with one of our third-party vendors, making it easy for you to pay over time without taking on a large financial burden.

At NexMuv, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If any issue arises during your move, we have an exclusive customer satisfaction guarantee that covers you for any losses or damages that may occur. 

We also have an in-house operational team that is always on standby, ready to travel to any location to assist in rectifying any problems. 

We understand the importance of providing an unbeatable customer experience and have taken all steps necessary to ensure your move is successful.

NexMuv Services

What Can We Help You With?

Here are three sectors that we specialize in:
Cardboard boxes and belongings in a living room of a new home.

Residential Moves

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment or home, NexMuv makes it easy. Our comprehensive services and flexible payment options offer peace of mind during your relocation.


Corporate Moves

Our processes are structured around delivering the best results within flexible relocation packages, from lump sum to reimbursement to full relocation packages. Our API, operational systems, and data access allow relocation managers full insight to optimize their programs.

Focused corporate worker watching her coworker sealing cardboard box with Scotch tape

Office Moves

We understand the importance of ensuring business continuity during an office move. Our team of expert movers can help you quickly and efficiently relocate your office to its new location while minimizing downtime.



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how to make packing more eco friendly

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