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New job. New city. New home. Now what?

NexMuv makes moving the easy part. We handle your move, so you can stay focused on where you want to go.

Step One

We’ll take you from where you are to where you want to go. We find the best movers for your move—no matter where you are.

Step Two

We know that every move is different. That’s why our independent moving consultants will make sure you’re covered.

Step Three

That’s it. You just experienced the easiest way to book your move.

Let us handle everything for you:

Price Determined

The only true set pricing in the industry, so lock in your price now.

Shipment Tracking

Know where your items are with the only move tracking available.

Taking Inventory

Be sure an expert completely independent from your mover is taking inventory of your items.

Move Protection

Ease your mind with full replacement of your items in the rare case it’s necessary.


With our Premium package, we’ll take care of everything. Enjoy the same benefits of the Standard service, in addition to packing and unpacking services.

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Already packed and just need help moving? With our Standard package, one of our safety-trained, best-in-class movers will help transfer your items to their final destination.

Relocation Specialist

Get paid to move.

With Transit, you can become one of our trusted, safety-trained movers and get paid to help people move.

Manage your booked moves.

When you can’t directly service your customers, partner with us to use one of our many trusted movers, then watch the progress in our back office.

Increase your bottom line.

We give you shipments that fit your business model, at the pricing you need. Our data continually gives you insights to grow your business.

Sign up for free!

With Transit, you can sign up for free to become a certified, safety-trained mover and get paid to help people move.

Unified API

Create your own interface for NexMuv.

Our Unified API offers external teams a way to create, update, and manage move data with a custom interface.

Make moving the easy part.

Book your next move with NexMuv.