Full Relocation Programs

Are you looking to relocate your employees?

Want to minimize the stress and work involved both for your company and the moving employees?

NexMuv offers full relocation programs that include everything from site visits to new locations, to full real estate transactions.

What is full relocation?

Full relocation is the comprehensive process of relocating an employee, their family, and all of their possessions.
In a full relocation, NexMuv handles every detail involved in moving the employee. This can include:

Benefits of full relocation

Some of the most obvious advantages of full relocation are:

Drawbacks to full relocation

A major, not easily overlooked, disadvantage of full relocation is the cost involved. This type of program can be very expensive and difficult to justify in almost all cases.

However, with NexMuv’s systematic, on-the-spot pricing in corporate relocation, we can guarantee the best price and quality for any full relocation.

What NexMuv can do for you

If you are looking to achieve a seamless full relocation experience, look no further than NexMuv.

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