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To give you a better idea of how NexMuv works, here is an overview of the moving and booking process.

1. On-the-spot pricing

Through our simple form on the website, you can request a real price for your move. 

Based on only three pieces of information (the address you’re moving from, the address you’re moving to, and when you’re planning to move), our carefully developed computer algorithms will give you an accurate price for your move.

This is an automated process that takes into account dozens of different factors that influence the cost of a move. We guarantee you’ll never be overcharged or have any hidden fees. 

  • No credit checks before booking.
  • Locked-in pricing that doesn’t change throughout the move.
  • No hidden fees or additional costs.
  • Different finance options available.

2. Virtual survey

After successfully booking the move, the next step is conducting a virtual, video recorded survey of what will be moved. 

Benefits of a video recorded virtual survey as opposed to a physical one include:

  • More flexible –  Our surveyors will be available at a time that suits you.
  • Reduced risk – A thorough survey is performed before any labor arrives at the moving site.
  • Documented inventory – We’ll have an exact record of what will be moved.
  • Video evidence of the state of the items before they’re moved.

We hire third party independent surveyors to uphold the integrity of the move. That way, the pricing of the move is separate from the survey process, reducing the chance of bias.

  • Video record of the entire moving inventory.
  • Third party surveyors who are independent of the moving price.
  • Integrity of the moving process is maintained.

3. The actual move

Once the survey is complete, your move will be scheduled. 

On the day of your move, an expert team of professional movers will arrive at the agreed time and place. Depending on the package you selected, they will either bring their own packing materials and boxes or start loading up already packed items. 

Your move will be managed by a single contact point throughout the whole process – this makes it easier for you to ask questions, get updates on your move or resolve any issues that may arise.

We also offer real-time GPS tracking so you always know where your belongings are and when the move will be completed.

  • Service providers are chosen by NexMuv to ensure uniformity in quality across the board.
  • One point of contact during the move.
  • Real-time GPS tracking of your belongings.

4. Successfully moved!

At the arrival destination, another team of moving professionals will unload your items, place them in the right rooms and start unpacking if necessary. 

Once everything is safely unloaded and placed in its final destination, our movers will double check to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results. 

After that – voila! You have successfully completed your move.

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