a military move into an adventure making the most of your new location.

Turning Your Military Move Into an Adventure: Making the Most of Your New Location

Military moves can be a source of stress for many service members and their families. PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves require families to uproot their lives and relocate to a new duty station. However, with the right mindset and planning, these moves can be turned into exciting adventures. It’s important to approach a military move with a positive outlook and to start planning early. In this article, we will explore how families can make the most of their new locations, from creating a personalized PCS checklist to exploring the perks of PCSing.

Finding Your New Home

When it comes to military moves, finding a new home can be a daunting task. There are many options available, including on-base or off-base housing, which can make the search process confusing. Military housing options provide many benefits, including proximity to base resources and a sense of community. However, if you prefer to live off-base, there are many resources available to help you find the perfect home.

One option is to use a property management company, which can streamline the process and make finding a home much easier. They can help you find a home that fits your specific needs and budget and can often provide valuable insights into the local area. It is important to research the community and location of your new home, as this can greatly impact your experience. By taking the time to find a home that feels like a good fit, you can help ease the stress of the moving process.

Making the Move Easier

Moving can be a daunting and stressful task, especially when you’re relocating due to a PCS. However, with proper planning and preparation, the process can be simplified and made more manageable. Here are some tips to make your move easier:

Personal Property and Management: Personal property is an essential aspect of any move. Military members can receive information on managing their personal property from the Transportation Office. It is advisable to take an inventory of your property and create a plan for managing it during the move.

Packing and Moving Tips: One way to make the move easier is to pack efficiently. Start by decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary items. Label boxes and create an inventory list. Pack fragile items carefully and use padding to protect them during transport.

Using a Moving Company: Hiring a reputable moving company can take the stress out of your move. They can help with packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and even unpacking. Do your research to find a company that suits your needs and budget.

Storage Units: Sometimes, military members may need to store their belongings during a move. Storage units can be useful for this purpose. Renting a storage unit can give you the flexibility to move at your own pace and reduce the stress of managing a lot of belongings during a move.

By following these tips and using available resources, your move can be more manageable, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.

Settling In

Moving to a new location can be challenging, but it is essential to make your new home feel like home. To start with, it’s crucial to understand that making your new space comfortable takes time, so don’t rush it. Take the time to assess your new home and identify the areas that need improvement. Decorating and personalizing your space can help it feel more like home. Try to incorporate your personality and style into your new space by adding artwork, photographs, or other personal touches.

Military families are frequently on the move, and it can be challenging to feel connected to the local community. However, military communities offer resources and activities to help new arrivals settle in and feel at home. Connecting with other military families can be especially helpful for getting acclimated to a new location. Local military support groups and activities can be found through base websites, social media groups, or the installation family center.

Military OneSource is an excellent resource for non-medical counseling and support services. Counseling is available for individuals, couples, and families. They offer confidential counseling services for issues such as stress management, depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges. Military OneSource also provides financial counseling, education and career support, and resources for families moving with special needs. With Military OneSource, there is always someone to talk to, and the services are available to all active-duty, National Guard, and reserve members, and their families.

Exploring Your New Location

When you move to a new location, it’s essential to make the most of your new surroundings. Exploring your new duty station can provide a sense of excitement and adventure while helping you and your family feel more at home.

One way to explore your new location is to take a road trip. Road trips are a great way to see new places, bond with family and friends, and make lasting memories. Start planning by creating a list of nearby attractions and sites that interest you. Consider making stops at national parks, museums, and historical sites. Use printable PCS checklists to help you plan your road trip and make sure you don’t forget anything essential.

Moving to a new location can also offer new experiences and opportunities. Take advantage of the perks of PCSing by trying out new hobbies or activities in your new community. Look for local classes or groups that align with your interests. For example, if you enjoy outdoor activities, search for hiking or camping groups in your area.

Military families moving to a new location can also find useful resources within their military community. Seek out events and activities that are available to military families, such as spouse clubs or base events. These events can provide opportunities to meet new people, learn about the local community, and take advantage of resources available through the military.

In conclusion, embracing the opportunity to explore your new location can help you turn your move into an adventure. Take advantage of road trips, new experiences, and military communities to make the most of your new duty station. With the right mindset and planning, you can settle into your new home and create lasting memories.

Supporting Your Military Family

As a military family, a move can be a stressful and challenging time. In addition to the logistical aspects of the move, such as packing and finding a new home, military families also face emotional challenges, such as leaving behind friends and familiar surroundings. It is important to communicate and support each other during this time of change.

One of the key ways to support your spouse during a move is to involve them in the decision-making process. This includes discussing housing options, researching communities, and making decisions together. This can help ease the stress and anxiety associated with the move, and make the transition to the new location smoother.

There are many resources available for military families to make the move easier. The transportation office provides assistance with the logistics of the move, including help with personal property management. Additionally, Military OneSource offers non-medical counseling services to help military families navigate the challenges of a move.

To make the move as stress-free as possible, military families can also use printable PCS checklists to stay organized and ensure that everything is taken care of. Property management companies can also help with the process of packing and moving, allowing military families to focus on other aspects of the move.

By supporting each other and utilizing the resources available, military families can make the most of their move and start their new chapter on a positive note.


In conclusion, turning a military move into an adventure can make a huge difference in how you experience the move. By following the tips and advice in this article, you can minimize the stress and make the most of your new duty station. Remember to start planning early, take advantage of resources like Military OneSource, and focus on making your new house feel like home. By exploring your new location and finding new activities to enjoy, you can make the most of your time there. Don’t forget to communicate and support your military family throughout the move. With some careful planning and a positive attitude, your military move can become an exciting new chapter in your life.

Wes Struebing

Wes Struebing

After more than 30 years in the logistics sector, I have learned a thing or two about moving things and motivating people to do their best and offer their all to our customers. Whether in life or in business, I believe in one thing: I only want to be there if I can improve things.

Logistics is not only what I do; it is my passion.

Wes Struebing

Wes Struebing

After more than 30 years in the logistics sector, I have learned a thing or two about moving things and motivating people to do their best and offer their all to our customers. Whether in life or in business, I believe in one thing: I only want to be there if I can improve things.

Logistics is not only what I do; it is my passion.